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An Introduction to Building Aquaponic Systems

When it comes to natural organic gardening, nothing beats aquaponics. It is a unique full cycle growing system which utilizes the normal life cycle of both plants and fishes, capitalizing on the natural advantages of both. If you're wondering what aquaponics is and how can it work for your garden food production, then read on. With aquaponics, you don't need to till large areas of ground or depend on engineered fertilizers packed with chemicals, just to grow your plants and produce large yields. This more natural organic method for gardening is reasonable to maintain, is compact and will help keep our environment cleaner, by reducing the overuse of chemical pesticides and fertilizers.

With the advancement of cultivating technology today, you may have experienced "aquaponics" without even know it. So what is aquaponics? It is a hybrid term used to describe the combination of hydroponics; where plants grow without soil in a liquid that has nutrients added and aquaculture which is the production and growing of fish. It implies that the two methods can complement each other naturally as they grow together in the same compact system of tanks and grow beds. It is a sort of environment where plants utilize the waste of fish as a way to live and survive and the plants act as a filter for the fish waste.

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Aquaculture is raising freshwater fish that the rancher harvests to eat or for money. In this closed water system, the agriculturist must sustain the fish by keeping the water clean with expensive filters and aeration techniques. If the water is not perfect, the fish can get to be wiped out and pass on because of the abnormal buildup of waste materials, alkali and/or different toxins that can build up in the water. The rancher must join a filtration system to evacuate the water, clean the water and after filtering the water is recirculated into the fish tank, this can be an expensive and time consuming solution.

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