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Choosing the Right Tree for the Right Size Space

large tree branching and canopy

For some homeowners tree selection often comes down to what is available at the local nursery and little thought is spent on considering the actual full grown size of a tree and the space requirement of the tree. The most common mistake is choosing a tree that is much larger than the space in which it is to be planted, a mistake that will create a maintenance nightmare years down the road when the tree grows to a size that will overshadow it's advantages. Deciduous trees with large leaves such as the Red Oak (Quercus falcada) or Sycamore (Platanus occidentalis), often get planted in areas that could have been better planted with a smaller scale tree and smaller scale leaves, this would have reduced the maintenance in the space by the time and energy needed to pick up the leaves. The massive amounts of leaves dropped by these giants can also kill off grasses and severely reduce the growth rate of surrounding shrubbery once the tree's canopy shades out the sunlight from lower plantings.

Another factor to be considered when planting these larger scale 'park' trees is the amount of twigs and branches they regularly drop to the ground. Having this added maintenance can be tiresome for a homeowner that wants a more manicured look to their yard and they will inevitably find themselves fighting to keep it that way with larger 'park scale' trees on their property.

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