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Choosing the Right Tree for the Right Size Space

large tree branching and canopy

Furthermore, while it is a common practice to plant large shade trees near homes or building and is known to reduce air conditioning costs in the hot summer months, the trees will inevitably drop large branches which can damage homes and cost more in repairs than they are worth in this position near the home or office. In general, a good rule of thumb that should be used is; the closer to a structure you are planting a tree, the smaller scale the full grown tree should be. This way you eliminate the oversized 'park scale' trees from coming too close to your home or building and the less maintenance you should have to keep up with the tree as you get closer to your home.

Another consideration is the maintenance necessary for some larger trees in regard to their branching patterns once they mature. Often times as a tree matures its branches spread out in all directions and can sometimes interfere with adjacent buildings, power lines, etc. Consider the final size of the tree when selecting for a specific space, knowing that one day these braches will spread out in all directions, sometimes up to 30 to 40 feet from the base of the tree. That is a long distance that often is overlooked when smaller saplings are carried home from the nursery, and although it may take years to get to this size it will be another maintenance issue when a branch can damage a building or interfere with power lines.

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