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Landscape Construction - How to Build Concrete Patios & Walks
Forming, Pouring & Finishing. (Page 3 of 3)

Landscape construction - finishing a concrete patio &  walk

As the concrete 'sets-up' or cures the finishing continues by using large smoothing trowels or broom finish, broom finish is recommended for a typical outdoor concrete finish, this finish reduces slipping when the concrete is wet. There is also the option of selecting an aggregate finish to your concrete which is produced by washing away the top layer of the cement to expose the gravel that makes up concrete, it is totally up to the user as to which finish to choose. If the addition of a stone venire is to be applied, the broom finish gives a textured finish ready to have a tile or stone venire on top.

Within 24 hours of the pour of the concrete the forms can be removed. Although light foot traffic can take place, it would be advisable to wait a few more days to make sure concrete is cured enough to support the heavier foot traffic and furniture. Typically concrete is fully cured in thirty days.

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