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Creating Patio Spaces in a Sloping Backyard

Often times one of the best solutions for a sloping backyard is to split the spaces with either one or several retaining walls to flatten out and create a usable space in a backyard. By constructing the wall at a location in the sloped space wide enough to allow for a generous patio to be built at the upper end of the sloped yard and at the lower end of the sloped yard, we built a great backyard patio solution where there was once an unusable steeply sloped area. The brick is to match the existing home's brick and we 'jazzed up' the patios by applying a three color stained concrete finish for the upper and lower patios. The lighter color was used as the background color, with two darker colors applied on the border and the large rectangular shapes within the patio borders. Also, by bringing the brick material further into the garden spaces helped to strengthen the design. What was once a frustrating mowing headache and an unusable space is transformed into several level patio spaces which is a much more interesting and usable backyard space.

Plan View of Right Frontyard Walk

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