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Ten Ways to Save Money When Installing Your New Garden Landscape

1.) Use a Design Professional to Create a Garden that is in your Budget

By using a landscape design professional to design your garden you will ultimately save money from second guessing yourself and avoid the risk of not making the best and highest quality decisions for your new garden. By hiring a qualified design professional, he or she will save you money when installing a garden by completely exploring all the possibilities within your budget and making the most of your budget. By taking this extra step to fully think about and detail each aspect of your garden, you can maximize your savings as you begin to install the garden. Having each section spelled out to exact specifications can make the job of installing your own garden much more efficient and saves time and money.

2.) Phased Install vs. All At Once

In addition to investing the well spent time of carefully planning your garden, it may be beneficial to think about garden construction in terms of phasing the installation of a garden over time. Often time clients don't have the funds immediately to bite off the entire investment of a garden at once, but with a compete plan, the garden can be installed in a logical sequence over several months or years. This way you can achieve the garden always you've wanted at the pace of your pocketbook. Make sure that the garden designer understands your needs in regard to phasing in the landscape so that he or she can build into the plan logical construction sequences for areas where you can stop and where the current garden portion still makes sense.

3.) Smaller Plants vs. Large

When installing the planting portion of your garden consider saving money by reducing the gallon size of the plant materials. Although it may take more time, the plants will eventually grow to the sizes anticipated (sometimes faster that we think) without the heavy up front costs, give you a great way of saving on landscaping costs.

Another variation on saving money on planting installations is to select certain plants perhaps larger accent plants as the plants you are willing to spend more money on (larger gallon container sizes) and the majority of your budget at the smaller gallon size. Use this method as a creative way to economize the planting costs, while producing the landscape impact through providing some larger planting accents initially.

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