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So, what is the modern Tuscan garden style..??

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So, what is the modern Tuscan garden style..?? (Continued)

So if I were to define a Tuscan style garden for today's home buyer I would say that it is, most definitely, a garden that focuses on a fusion style. This adopts formal, modern innovative design techniques near the house that extends into and includes the informal areas of the garden- such as wild flower pastures- based on the techniques once used by the local farmer, or 'peasant'. These areas could include organic vegetable gardens, meadows that provide beauty in the form of stunning poppy-fields and other indigenous wild flowers...

..and areas of formal, Italianate, contemporary garden design near the house that address both the problems of water shortage and frustrating maintenance routines in this fast and frenetic world in which we live, yet remain loyal to their Renaissance origins.

The world is changing at an alarming rate and modern garden designers in Tuscany are perceiving and addressing these changes in the same way as the garden designers of the 16th century perceived addressed the social aspects relevant to that era. This all goes to show that in 400 years an awful lot can change- and rightly so..!

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