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aquaponics system

An Introduction to Aquaponics Systems

An introduction to basic aquaponic prinicples and concepts which includes pumping water between fish and a media base for growing healthy organic plants in small spaces.

aquaponics system

An Introduction to Woodworking

An introduction to basic woodworking prinicples and concepts which includes the type of tools needed, the different type of wood strengths and 'how to' build ideas for wood components and fasteners.

landscape with pool

Hampton Hide Away - Landscape Improvements

This newly constructed postmodern home located south of the highway in Amagansett is a relaxing weekend getaway for our busy New York City clients. Construction had started on the project when our design team was brought in to enhance the builders' "landscape package".

brick patio with arbor

Multi-use Custom Patio Design

Today's clients want more out of their patio spaces that just an extension of their back porch. With a well thought out plan, clients can get several uses out of their patios based on season or change uses day to day. This patio contains a central arbor structure that is flanked by a seating wall.

home picket fence

Building a Garden? Here's what to do First

Taking on a landscape job can be a bit overwhelming. There are many aspects that need to be considered such as sun, views, garden layout, wind, drainage, plant selection, garden style and more. The smartest way to tackle this type of job is to do what the professionals do, put all this information down on paper.

italian villa photo

Italian Garden Design: Why use a Garden Designer?

The art of Garden design, is clearly specific to each country and the Italian garden style is by far one of the most complex. Italian gardens have evolved throughout history by following social changes and Italian garden design has been shaped and influenced by several factors over the years.

large urn fountian

Easy 'Weekend' Fountain Project

If your like most people, the thought of starting any landscape project can be a bit overwhelming, but here's an easy weekend project that you can be proud of and won't wear you out. Create a bubbling fountain from a large pot or urn that you can enjoy with this step by step guide.

stained concrete walk

Front yard Facelift Makes Big Difference

While keeping the integrity of this property's subtle style and fulfilling the client's desire to have a walk to the front porch, we decided to add a stained and scored concrete walk connecting the side gate entry to the front porch

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Easy 'Weekend' Fountain Project
Custom Multi-use Patio Design
Patio Spaces in a Sloping Backyard
Home Landscapes Front and Back
Front yard Facelift Makes Big Difference
Building a Garden? What to do First
Italian Gardens - Why use a Designer?
Ten Ways To Save On Your Landscape
Italian Garden Design - Tuscany
Explore Your Own Garden Style
Choosing the Right Tree for the Right Space

garden design services

garden design services


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