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wildflower garden

Wild Flower Meadows in Italian Gardens

Using ecology to save both work and cash must be the utopian dream of many of the world's nature lovers and bringing that dream to fruition somewhere, anywhere in Italy must be the quiet daydream of many a housewife. Many of us are migrating to warmer regions and Italy has become the Mecca of the modern nature lover, or rather, natural thinker!

foliage landscape plantings

Plant Foliage Variation vs. Plant Color Can Be Just as Interesting

Who wants a boring yard? No one! However, it takes someone with expertise or a keen eye to make great plant choices that will make the most of your garden. And sometimes using a wide variety of foliage variations isn't the answer. You might be able to do just as much with color. Color draws the eye and brings attention to the areas of your yard you most want to highlight.

large urn

Designing Garden Landscapes with Focal Points

One of the most effective high impact garden design devices used by professionals is the careful placement of garden elements as focal points. Creating focal points in a garden gives the eye an object to rest upon, allowing time to visually slow down and explore that portion of the garden.

Repeating Garden Elements 'A Key to Strong Design'

Just as nature repeats the same type of shrubs or flowers in the wild, it is important in the garden design process to repeat the same garden design elements. Whether the elements are plants, pots, paving materials, a design shape, etc., the repetition of these articles throughout the garden space can add interest to the space and lead the eye from one part of the garden to the other.

rock garden and path

Adding Rocks can Add Weight to your Garden Design

The addition of well selected and well placed rocks and small scale boulders can add necessary visual weight and impact for gardens that need that extra focal point. When properly placed and used with other proper scale plant materials they can give the appearance of being the miniature of a large scale landscape scene.

home entry

Make an Impact with Colorful Entries

The entry of a home can be one of the best places to add seasonal color. This is one of the first places noticed by visitors and passersby. Adding color to this spot can really showoff your home and call attention to your front door. Select the proper type of annuals (shade or sun loving) for your space and don't be afraid to put lots of plants (6" on center) in a generous size bed.

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garden design services


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