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Our client's classic Hampton's style and attention to detail make the interior of their home look like it's out of the pages of a décor magazine. Therefore, the landscape also needed to reflect this simple and streamlined style. This was crucial for the overall design because the dining/living room has a picturesque view out onto the patio, pool and landscape beyond. Four pairs of large French doors expand the entire length of the back creating a "wall" of windows, opening up directly onto the back porch and extending the living space into the outdoors.

The existing plant material installed by the builder around the foundation was salvaged, as well as the owner's English boxwoods and was incorporated into the new landscape plan. Structures, such as the gravel driveway, pool house, A/C equipment and RRT retaining walls had to be worked in as well. In addition, eighty newly planted arborvitae throughout the property had to be transplanted and used for screening neighboring houses. On the front sides of the property, arborvitaes were re-planted and faced closer together in a single line. In the rear yard, evergreens were staggered in groups of three or more to create more interest and a sense of depth.

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