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The Importance of Planned Land Development

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To start, a development needs to be planned out in detail on computer, so that each system works together with all the other systems in a development. Most of this planning is done in a form of AutoCAD which is a computer aided drafting program, once drawn completely in this software; it is printed out in large sheets as a complete construction document that is distributed to the various contractors for installation. The construction documents include every detail that the contractors will need to install the system to the specifications necessary for the development. It can include 'plan view' drawings of the site and buildings, elevations, blow up details of important areas, various construction details and written specifications for each.

In addition to the above mentioned necessary drawings of the development's systems, to achieve a high level of aesthetic design in today's commercial and residential real estate developments and to producing the high quality real estate products that clients demand and expect, there are additional layers of design considerations that elevate a development to a more refined finished real estate product. These more refined considerations can include such things as custom street signage, custom monument markers, custom mailbox selection and design and street light fixtures selection, elaborate tree and landscaping plantings that produce development continuity, to name a few. All of these additional aesthetic elements are considered to create a complete overall 'design theme' and achieve what is referred to as a 'sense of place' in a development. This 'sense of place' is what gives all great land design developments their identity.

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