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The Importance of Planned Land Development

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When created in harmony with carefully considered building architectural design elements, through the implementation of well written architectural design guidelines, a real estate development can achieve a higher success of this 'sense of place' that is very desirable by today's high end market and can dramatically increase the 'sell-ability' of the development. The design continuity that is achieved when all of these design considerations are working in harmony, layer by layer, system by system, can dramatically enhance the character of the development and make for a more desirable place to live and work.

Any considerations in regard to the aesthetics of a development should be openly discussed as developers work in close relation to focus groups to promote constructive ideas and make sure these ideas get presented to insure important dialog between the development group, city officials, community groups and realtors. Each party can contribute to the ideas that the designers will take into consideration as they plan the development and ultimately produce a well thought out plan which addresses and incorporates all parties' concerns and wants in the developments final form. However, community contributed group design development does have its challenges and often can produce results that are compromises to what a developmental company desires in the overall design or layout of a community development. But generally it is a wise and fruitful endeavor to include the surrounding community and local government to help in the consideration of these decisions and can make for a well received development.

Striking a balance between buildings and open green spaces, concentrating on the separation of vehicular and pedestrian traffic, creating a unity of the design elements, and an attention to the details of a development, with community involvement, all contribute to successful planned development solutions that offer a 'cut above' the typical less refined developments and insure the longevity and viability of new development for years to come.

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