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Custom Landscape Design Services

Our Landscape Design Services

We create 'one of a kind' custom landscape plans designed remotely and delivered via mail as a scale drawing for installation of your garden plantings. offers remote landscape design services to clients who wants a custom landscape drawing that can be used to illustrate where to plant and what plant varieties to buy from your local nursery. We offer a professional custom solution for each property, delivered as scale drawings that you can confidently use as a guide to install your new landscaping. Do-it-yourself clients love our detailed designs and instructions which take the guess work out of where and what to plant in your garden.

Our service starts when you click on the link below and purchase our services, at which point we will send you a design kit which includes all that you will need to provide us with enough information on your partiucular property dimensions and locations of building, fences, etc. The kit includes; the how to measure guide, the landscape questionnaire and a instructions on how to take photographs of your property and send to us, so that we can see and refer to the measurement you will provide in the kit. Once we receive the design kit back, one of our design team members will start the process of analysing your site, while carefully and thoughtfully creating a one of a kind custom landscape design made for your property, a design that is based on your personal preferences and specific information gathered through our landscape questionnaire. Two 30"x24", to scale, garden landscape printed sheets will be delivered usually in under 3 weeks via US mail. Please contact us for further information on our design services at the phone number below.

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Here are some garden landscape design examples

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