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Outdoor Living Spaces in your Garden

outdoor pavilion with fireplace

Tired of looking out the back door to that blank yard? Want to incorporate an outdoor area that is useful and enjoyable? Try to think of your yard as potential outdoor living spaces complete with flooring, walls and sometime a ceiling, just like your home. An outdoor living area can be a place where you may sit and enjoy the sights and sound of nature or walk through the landscape space and enjoy the experience of your own garden. Some people create elaborate kitchen areas, with cabanas and bars or swimming pool and spas areas. Others ideas of an outdoor space can be as simple as a grassy area with a table and chairs, either way, the choice is totally up to what you desire to see in your outdoor garden space.

Your front or backyard is an extension to your home, a series of potential spaces where outdoor rooms can provide additional living spaces for you, your guests and your family to enjoy. These outdoor living spaces are shaped by the use of landscaping plant materials and hard-scape materials fashioned to be floors, walls or ceilings just as in a home or building. Also, just as in your home or office, the rooms are connected with hallways or pathway areas, outdoor spaces are connected with walks or pathways to get to the outdoor living areas. Careful placement of these outdoor rooms and their connecting paths can produce an exciting and dynamic garden space with a variety of outdoor rooms and connecting walks to use and experience in the serenity of nature. Incorporated thoughtfully into the natural surroundings, these garden rooms can make a relaxing retreat for your family and friends that will give enjoyment for a lifetime and add value to your property.

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