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Outdoor Living Spaces in your Garden

outdoor pavilion with fireplace

The height of a these wall can give a sense of enclosure to an area and can really add to the dramatic effect of an outdoor room. Making a low wall of 4 feet or less can give a less 'closed off' sense to an area while a taller 5 or more feet height to a wall can give a more private feeling to a space. Ceilings in outdoor spaces can be a accomplished with a permanent structure such as a patio covering, or a softer more open effect in a material such as an open wooden arbor or the branching pattern of a tree canopy. Sometimes it is nice to just see the blue sky or the stars at night as the ceiling to your outdoor living area. Each of these examples gives a varying degree of enclosure as a ceiling for your outdoor living area and depends on the effect you wish to convey.

The final design of these outdoor spaces is limited only by budget and your imagination and is well worth the time to invest thinking through the best solution for your garden landscape and your outdoor living areas. Even if you can only install a portion of the outdoor living area, over time you can add to this start and eventually complete your outdoor garden living areas to enjoy for years to come.

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